Ozark Jewels Dairy Goats

Breeding for Health and Productivity

Snapshots of the girls and boys going about everday life.

Ready for breeding season 2015!

Good food, Summer 2015.


Does going out in the evening.

And browsing their way back in as the sun goes down.

The girls and their guardian heading for the barn.

Very pregnant Shenanigan playing peekaboo behind the water tank.

The doe herd during drought 2012.

The girl and the guardian.

Does browsing the lower field with Lacey(Arabian) in the background.

Girls out grazing.

When we moved here in late fall 2007, there were no buildings or barns except for a couple of falling apart sheds.  We set two semi trailers up to use for storage and built a roof on top of the area between.  With cattle panels reaching from the roof to the ground on one end, we spread and attached a tarp and now have a very useable goat barn.