Ozark Jewels Dairy Goats

Breeding for Health and Productivity

Here are some snapshots of the Ozark Jewels kids over the last 5-10 years.

"What is all this white stuff"

Mothers make the best toys.......Charm(yearling FB Boer) and her first daughter.

Gremlin loves all the new kids.  Here he is playing with a newborn LaBoer.  He is always very gentle with babies.

January and February Lambar doelings.

Twin bucks from FF Nutmeg and Little Buddy.

Spritzer, enjoying spring!

"Are you talking to ME??!!"

Doelings enjoying the spring greenery.

Next years milkers in July, 2010.  Image, Lady, Darla, Zambia, Legacy, Honey, Spritzer, and Ruby.

Image, Lady, Ruby, and Darla.