Ozark Jewels Dairy Goats

Breeding for Health and Productivity

We also raise Jersey cows for home milk production and for raising the goat kids. Oh that milk and cream! They get along very well with the goats. Here are a few pics of the Jersey herd.

Blossom pictured here at 17 years old with her last calf, a heifer named Jasmine, just a few hours old.

Blossom is the herd queen at 17 years old.  She had one of her rare hiefer calves for us in 2005.  

2006 Update:  Blossom had a beautiful Jersey bull calf the end of June, 2006.  Blossom is still going strong and raising her calf. 

2007 Update: Blossom gave us a beautiful heifer calf on December 24th, 2007.  Blossom is now officially retired and will not be bred again.

2008 Update: Blossom finally had to be put down in late fall, 2008.  She was a great old cow and will be missed. 

Jasmine at one month of age discovering the Pyrenees pups.

2010 Update: Jasmine just had a bull calf out of Waldo.

2011 Update: Jasmine had a heifer calf out of Waldo. Sold

Bobbie.  Freshened for her first time in October 2006 with a beautiful little heifer calf out of Stewart Little. 

2007 Update: Bobbie freshened in Fall, 2007 with another heifer calf out of Hercules.

2008 Update: Bobbie had a bull calf out of Hercules.

2009/2010 Update: Bobbie had a heifer out of Waldo.

2011 Update:  Sad Year.  Lost Bobbie to post-calving issues during a terrible cold spell early 2011.  Her bull calf was also lost.

April, Blossom's 2005 daughter.   

Freshened to Hercules spring 2007 with a bull calf.

2008 Update: Freshened in January with another bull calf.

2009 Update:Freshened in February with another bull calf.

2010 Update:Freshened with yet ANOTHER bull calf out of Waldo.  She is taking after her mother in the bull/heifer ratio of her calves.........

Lea, a Hercules daughter out of Bobbie.  Pictured 8 months bred as a heifer. 

2009 Update: Had a beautiful heifer out of Waldo.

2010 Update: Had a beautiful TINY heifer out of Waldo.

2011 Update: Sold Lea to my sister, Rachel.  She now lives on their farm.

Waldo, one of our two current Jersey bulls.  Throwing some really nice calves in the commercial herd and our home-herd.

Vader, Registered Jersey bull, born in 2006.  Injured his hip while breeding in 2010.  Was no longer able to breed.

Hercules, our present herd sire.  Hercules was carefully selected for what our cows need, and I look forward to seeing what he can do for our herd.   First calves were born in spring 2007.  Very nice so far!

Hercules was heavily-used in our home-herd and in our commercial dairy herd.  He started getting too big for his britches to be safe, so he was butchered in 2010.  Left us with some very nice daughters.....and now he is some very tasty beef!

Cows grazing after morning milking.