Ozark Jewels Dairy Goats

Breeding for Health and Productivity

These are the wonderful dogs who keep our herd safe.

Troy and Jill.  Troy is Anatolian/Pyr, Jill is a full Great Pyrenees pup.

Jill at a year old.

Boris and Jill, the Great Pyrenees pups that grew up to become my breeding/working pair.

Boris with Junior.  Boris has since passed away, at a good old dog age.

Wesley, one of the newest young members of the LGD pack. Wesley is Anatolian/Pyr.

Heidi and Wesley.  Heidi is the other new young member of the LGD pack.  Heidi is Pyr/Komondor/Anatolian.

Some of the Pyr pups learning their jobs.

The Great Pyrenees also guard and enjoy the Jerseys.

How could you resist this?

Or this??   The LGD's really love what they do.


And our farm dogs.  Not LGDs, just farm dogs and pets.  They do their part keeping predators and small wildlife away from the farm.

Shane, Anatolian/Catahoula Hound.  He sometimes guards the goat herd and sometimes the house and us.  He is a real ham.  He has one blue eye and one brown.  Shane is now 11 in 2011.  He is a bit stiff but still keeps the haybarn safe from all comers.

Rikki, full size Collie.  She is getting elderly now, 11 years old.  She has given us some very nice pups in the past when we still had our male, Laddie.  Rikki was failing and we sadly made the decision to put her down in 2009.