Ozark Jewels Dairy Goats

Breeding for Health and Productivity

Dune as a 2 year old in rutt.                                                              Amberwood T Pretty Boy Dune.

Sire:  Amberwood H.T. Triton
     ss:  *B  Becca's Extremely Hot Tweed 
     sd:  CH Amberwood's Golden Moon Maiden
 Dam:  Amberwood H.G. Aren't I Pretty
     ds:  Timber Cove DD Honey Graham
     dd:  Abelity Studley's Victoriana

Dune has immense personality and presence.   His daughters are freshening with nice udders and LOTS of milk.  He throws size, width and depth, level toplines.  Just love this buck!  Daughters in the herd thus far: Ozark Jewels Dunes Spirit, Ozark Jewels Dunes Spryte, Ozark Jewels Dunes Spackle, Bright & Beautiful Dune Eclair, Ozark Jewels D Dreamweaver and several more young does/doelings.

Thanks to Joan Coolidge of Amberwood Dairy Goats for this buck.

ADGA Pedigree: http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=L001581913 

Dune as a 6 year old in rutt.

Fio at 2 years in rutt.                                   Shady Lawn Just Fiorino

Sire:  Autumn Acres Justified
     ss:  ++*B Kastdemur's Spartan (92-EEE)
     sd:  CH Autumn Acres Jazz's Jada (90-VEEE)
 Dam:  GCH Celtic Knot TT Symphony Florin 4*M (91-EEEE)
     ds:  GCH +*B Thunder Road Tombstone
     dd:  GCH Joyful Morn YLP Gold Coin 3*M (91-EEEE)

"Fio" is a buck I am very happy to have in the herd.  I will be using him again this fall on several does for the 2018 kidding season. His first daughters started freshening in early 2015 and are milking very well with lovely udders. Fio is long, level and strong. He has width and depth. Daughters in the herd thus far: Ozark Jewels Fio Bacardi Rum, Ozark Jewels Fio Pina Colada, Ozark Jewels Fio's Ember, and Ozark Jewels Fio's Spendrift. 

ADGA Pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=L001606386 

Fio as a 6 year old in rutt.

                                           South Fork SV Brash Moonshine

Moonshine as a 2 year old.

Moonshine is a lovely, very correct young buck who is throwing lots of milk and looks on his kids. He only has yearling daughters fresh so far, but I have been very impressed with them. Looking forward to seeing them as mature does. He is wide, level and very smooth. And what a pedigree! Very pleased to have this buck in the herd!


                                              J-Haven's Christian Dior

Dior as a 4 year old in rutt.

Dior is the newest addition to the buck pens.  His genetics should meld well with my herd. He will be used heavily this fall.  He has a lot of *very* nice goats in his pedigree and should bring plenty of milk too.  I plan on retaining several of his kids this coming spring. Excited to see them!