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I have been asked by some friends to create a picture tour of a goat kidding. Shenanigan cooperated with a textbook labour, so here it is!

Shenanigan as a three year old, third freshener.  She is Purebred Lamancha and is bred to Eclipse.

Shenanigan as she goes into labour.

The first water bag has broken and we have mucous and another water bag.

The hooves showing.  At this point I used my fingers to feel for both feet and the nose.  Ascertaining early in the labour that the kid is properly positioned is the best way to save the kid if it needs to be rearranged.  Both feet and a nose are presenting, so we are good to go.

And the nose is showing.  See the tongue hanging out on the right?  That is not unusual to see during a perfectly normal labour.

She lays down and the real hard pushes begin.  The head is showing now.

And the head is out.  The kid is already looking around.

Here comes the ribcage.

And the kid is here all in a rush.  Check its nose and make sure its clean of birthing fluids so it can breath.

Its a doeling!  Two teats, a good bite and breathing fine.  Very nice.

But its not over!  Oh no, now for the second round.  Shenanigan starts pushing again. And we see a water bubble peeking.

Then the bubble is out.  You can faintly see hooves in the bubble.

The bubble breaks and we have hooves.  Again check for two hooves and a nose, all present.

And a nose.

And we have a head out.

One more big push and the kid is on the ground.  Again check its nose and make sure it can breath.

Here they are, twin doelings, both perfect.  Firstborn is in the front, second born in the back.  One brown, one black.

And Shenanigan is cleaning up her birthing fluids back in the barn.  She will pass her afterbirth soon.

And the doelings the next day.  Firstborn:

Second born:

Hope you enjoyed the tour, I did.