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I have been asked to make a pictorial tour of a calving. Jasmine cooperated, so here it is!

Jasmine is a 2nd freshening 3 year old Jersey cow.  She had a bull last year.  She is bred to Waldo, one of our Jersey bulls.

Contractions had been going on for about a 1/2 hour at this point, but this is when it got serious.

Hooves peeking.


Hooves showing.


Nose showing.

Head out.



Ribcage coming.


Almost here!


Just arrived.  Bobby(due anytime) is helping clean.


What a trip! Calf takes first big breath.

Jasmine cleaning her baby.


"Hi Mom"

Its a GIRL!

She gathers her long legs and up she sits.

Looking for the FOOD!!  Insinct is an amazing thing.


I had to go in at this point, so I missed pictures of her first meal.  But here she is a bit later, well fed and dry.

A perfect textbook labour with the result being a beautiful heifer.