Ozark Jewels Dairy Goats

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                                                         Ozark Jewels Tritons Nebula

Nebula freshened with a bang as a yearling in 2016. Triplet doelings and a lot of milk!  She continued to milk well and willingly all summer long. She is tall and big-boned like her dam, Milky Way.  Her udder is a big improvement on her dam and she is a better milker as well.  As a 2nd freshening 2 year old, she was even more impressive. A heavy milker with a socked-on udder.  Took her to the quad show where she earned two legs toward her Champion status. Very, very pleased with this girl.  
Planned breeding to South-Fork SV Brash Moonshine for the 2018 kidding season. Doelings(1st generation American Lamancha) $250-Bucklings unavailable.

2016 Update: Freshened with triplet doelings. 1 retained.
2017 Update: Freshened with triplet doelings again!

*CAE negative 2015-2016*

Ozark Jewels Fio Harvest Moon (Shady Lawn Just Fiorino x Ozark Jewels Milky Way)

Pictured as a bred yearling and then below as a fresh yearling with her Boer buckling.

Moon is a smoothly blended doeling, with strong bone and good size.  Really liking this breeding so far.  Hoping she milks more than her dam, yet keeps her dams size and strength.  As a yearling she raised her single Boer buckling and was an amazing mother. We did not know it when she was born, but she would be the last doeling from Milky Way.

Planned 2017 breeding to Amberwood T Pretty Boy Dune. Doelings $200-Bucklings unavailable.

CAE negative 2016.