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                            Eldamar Lirulin(lovingly known as "Lark") 

Lark in 2007         

Sire:  +B Crown Hill Night Hawk
     ss:  Crown Hill 'Kis' Kilroy
     sd:  Crown Hill 'AS' Alayna
 Dam:  Sunday Creek DC Jamboree
     ds:  SGCH *B Trillium Trails SO Debonaire
     dd:  SG Trillium Trails GR Celebrate 12*M

Lark is simply a lovely Nubian.  She is sweet tempered, easy to milk and loving.  And she is quite nice conformationally as well.  She is broad and deep.Lark milks decently, averaging about a gallon a day.  An extremely easy-keeper, we joke that she could gain weight on air.  Good breed character.  Nice mammary, high in the rear, good extension in the fore.  

Lark is a retired lady now.

 Udder shot taken hours before Lark freshened in 2008.

*CAE negative annually 2008-2015*

Link to ADGA pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=N001285960

2008 Update: Freshened with twin does January.

2009 Update: Freshened with single buckling in January.

2010 Update: Freshened with triplet doelings in January.

2011 Update: Freshened with buck and doe twins in February.

2012 Update: Slipped her kids after a move.

2013 Update: Freshened with triplets, two doelings, one buckling, in January.

2014 Update: Freshened with twins, buck and doe.

2015 Update: Freshened with a single doeling.  Lark is now a happy and retired 12 year old.                                                                      


Pictured below as a very pregnant 12 year old.


                                                 Ozark Jewels Kenya

Kenya 7 years old and about to have triplets. 

  Sire:  A Proverbial Caprine Calypso
     ss:  CH Goddard Farm LS Neptune
     sd:  Goddard Farm F Caliopi Caper
 Dam:  No Doubt TR India
     ds:  Farm Girl OK Love's Gullaver
     dd:  No Doubt AM Blackberry
Kenya is the 2005 daughter to India, one of my favorite does that I lost one year during kidding season.  Kenya looks much like her mother.  Good breed character.  She is long, with good depth and width.  Level topline and rump.  Nice mammary, could use a little fore udder extension, very easy to milk.  Easily gives me a gallon and a half a day.  Kenya has two daughters in the herd, Ozark Jewels Camaros Zambia, and Ozark Jewels Royals Nairobi.  Planned breeding to 

Stagelight KD Good Knight

 for the 2017 kidding season.  Doelings $300-Bucklings $250

*CAE negative annually 2008-2015* 

*Kenyas udder 2 months fresh in 2009.

Link to ADGA pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=N001350734

2008 Update: Freshened with triplet does in February.

2009 Update: Freshened with twin does in February.

2010 Update: Freshened with triplets, two bucks and one doe in January.  Doeling retained in herd.

2011 Update: Freshened with single buck in February.

2012 Update: Freshened with triplets. Two bucks and one doe. Doeling and one buckling retained in herd.

2013 Update:Freshened with buck and doe twins in January.

2014 Update: Freshened with buck and doe twins.

2015 Update: freshened with a single doeling.

 2016 Update: Freshened with buck and doe twins.  Doeling retained.

Kenya pictured below as a fresh 9 year old.


                                              Ozark Jewels Drama Queen

Drama as a second freshening two-year old. 

Sire:  Old Glory Tuxedo
     ss:  H. Homestead Catringo
     sd:  Old Glory Glorious
 Dam:  Earthsong Cinnamon Bon Bon
     ds:  Earthsong Artemis The Moon
     dd: Nubilop Acres Sparkling Redpop

Drama Queen is just that, a drama queen.  Very sweet attitude though, she likes to give and receive kisses before she gets off the milk stand.  Drama is long and level with a deep body and plenty of width.  She is an easy gallon a day milker. Planned breeding to Stagelight KD Good Knight for the 2017 kidding season. Doelings $300-Bucklings $250. 

*CAE negative annually 2008-2015*

Second freshening udder at two weeks fresh.

ADGA Pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=N001467777

2009 Update: Freshened with twin does.

2010 Update: Freshened with triplets, two does and one buck. 

2011 Update: Freshened with quadruplets, 3 bucks and 1 doe.

2012 Update: Freshened with quads, two bucks and two does.

2013 Update: Freshened with quads, two bucks and two does.

2014 Update: Freshened with twin bucklings.

2015 Update: Freshened with twin doelings.

2016 Update: Freshened with quads, 3 bucklings and 1 doeling(retained).

Pictured below just after kidding 2015.