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Doe herd heading in for evening milking.

Attention!! Back at the end of December I dropped my phone that one too many times and it lost a lot of its functions. The display went out, some of the buttons wouldn't work, etc. Was not able to get another phone right away so limped along with the broken one. We finally got switched to another phone 2nd week of February. I was able to access my voicemail for the first time in a longggggg time. Still wading through messages. But, the phone was so damaged, we were unable to save my contacts list. And this contact list was long........Also I had texts(many of which I never read since my screen was completely blank), that I was never able to access. So if you have called or texted me in the last month +, and I didn't answer, that is why. Now my new phone works perfectly, but I have almost no contacts on it. So I am asking any and all friends, buyers, sellers etc whom I have corresponded with in the past, to please text me with who you are and your current contact phone number. I need to piece together my contact list! I appreciate this greatly and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. My number is the same: 417-349-2217

*Fall 2015 CAE test results are in on the doe herd: Negative once again.*

Ozark Jewels Dairy Goats is located in the Missouri Ozarks, near Mountain Grove.  I strive to breed healthy, hardy goats who are structurally sound and easy-keepers, yet productive too.  

I have been into registered goats since early 2000 and am enjoying every minute.  Improvement is a constant goal.  Another goal of mine is to breed healthy quality working dairy goats that the average buyer can afford. 

All of my dairy goats are registered with ADGA( www.adga.org ).

I get lots of laughs, love, and yes, sometimes heartbreak from my goats.  Its always an adventure! I hope you'll take the time to check out the herd.

Thanks for stopping by!

Emily and goat herd.